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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

Heehee, love this thread

My husband once practiced kaiten nage with somebody of lower rank than him. Just before the throw the kohai said to him "But at this point I could bite your ankle!"

Hubby smiled and replied: "You probably could. But didnīt you see my knee right in front of your nose? What would you reckon would be more painful - a bite in the ankle or a knee in your face?"

I used to get terribly upset with people like that (and still do sometimes). Just last weekend I practiced with a kohai. We were doing a version of nikkyo shown by the teacher. Or at least I was, as kohai was not doing what was being shown. Anyway, I kept my mouth shut about it as I think that I should only correct somebody if asked for help.

All of a sudden this guy started correcting me on a very minor detail. Normally I would have gotten all upset and would have started a discussion with him. But then I remembered somebody here at aikiweb saying once "less chat, more mat" and instead I let the next technique sit properly. Kohai collapsed to my feet and shut up.

I have only been able to do this recently, because before I would have been scared to hurt uke, but now that my technique (at least that one ) is better, I can actually apply it strongly without putting uke in danger.
This seems a very easy way of dealing with people like that and it certainly feels good afterwards, but I canīt help feeling that it is also a somewhat macho way of dealing with that problem. Unfortunately I am not enlightened enough to find a better way yet.

With beginners it can be a whole different story though. Often their attack is "wrong" or they turn out of a technique (sometimes to prove that they know better, sometimes simply because they donīt know better or are even trying to be helpful). I have just started to teach my first beginnerīs course and find this a difficult question, too. So far, I have had good succes trying to show people that by turning out or attacking wrong (e.g. shomen uchi with straight arm, etc) they actually put themselves in a worse position or leave themselves open for atemi, etc. This has helped so far, but I havenīt had any particularly hard cases of newbie-delusions-of-grandeur
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