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Re: Takemusu

Charles Hill wrote:
I think it is in the book Takemusu Aiki where the Founder writes "musubi" with the characters "umu" and "hi" birth and light/day. I have seen his calligraphy somewhere with the same. Interestingly, if you reverse the characters, you get "nissan," the name of the Japanese car company. So the idea is not just limited to Aikido.

Nissan [ 日産 ] just means the 'daily production' but was probably chosen for the car company to reflect the idea - Made in Japan. Lit. - Day+Produced ~ Japan+Made.

Takemusu [ 武産 ] then, means made in martial. Or, takemusu-aiki means, aiki developed from the martial. Martial aiki as opposed to say, willy nilly aiki. That's how I see it

I have not seen the Japanese book Takemusu Aiki, but if it has musubi written as 産日 - well, I can't imagine what the intended meaning is. Lit. Japan+Born.

But more than waffling on about what it means - I wonder, how does it affect your training? I mean, how does the sign on the wall that says takemusu-aiki get reflected in your training in practical terms?

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