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Re: Takemusu

Jan Max Bunzel wrote:
Therefore Osensei may deliberately have chosen musu because that same sound also associates to the word musubi - connect. And in that sense "connect" could be a secondary meaning of the word, but that interpretation probably need to be supported by some of Osensei writings.
I think you may be stretching it a little there, but, you never know. I mean, maybe he chose take because he wanted himself to be reborn as Take-da of Sokaku fame, or maybe he just wanted to have aiki like his mentor (just joking there). Still, he must have made this word up from somewhere - it is not a standard word.

For me, I just see it as martial-aiki, the practical side, if you like. The emphasis is always on the aiki, not the takemusu. What kind of aiki? Takemusu-aiki.

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