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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
:-)I'm not even dan ranked yet, and I do owe you thanks for your posts the last few months for making a lot of things click, things that my teachers (both american aikidoists BTW) have been really patient at teaching and they actually do and I get to experience at every class.
Well good... you're part of the next generation. Already this generation has a reasonable segment of people who are beginning to spot the role of ki and kokyu in the rest of their Aikido; your generation will be a lot more knowledgeable about these factors.
I even have a sempai (hi Bruce) who's supplementing his aikido with Yi-Quan , so I get to ask someone with practical experience about the standing postures (he's really hard to throw BTW) .
Yiquan standing postures, *when done correctly* (harder than most people think) are actually pretty standard standing postures. The basic theory of standing postures is the same throughout all the arts, both "external" and "internal". But then again, the basic theories of ki and kokyu are the same.... hmmmm.... let me just say the basic principles are the same; some people have some weird theories, but they can't escape the fact that the principles are the same.
I have a theory, that this all hangs together. I'm pretty sure it does , when despite politics,.styles, age ,personality and talking points things hinge together and fit. It can't be coincidence, and the chinese arts thought different seem to be working with similar tools
I said something similar to a teacher of mine once and all he said was, "Of course". You're right. Occam's Razor prevails.


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