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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
..talking about Boulder, during his seminars Ikeda sensei often makes the point of smaller movement from the center. He'll show a large spiral with the arms (beginners!!) then starts making the same movement with less and less limb movement, insisting that the same movement is taking place. My first seminar with him I couldn't see what was going on at all, years later I can perceive more , and I'd say that he's not talking metaphorically his center is moving.
Rick sensei (home dojo) usually says that the only way to get there is to train with the big exaggerated movements (pedagogical device) and then try working down keeping the same intent.
I agree completely. However maybe it's good to look at it as a skill that just requires less movement and effort as it is practiced? The people who really "move from their center" have very well developed musculature in a focused area of the abdomen/stomach.
AFAIK this is is only part of what is considered Highest level aikido. Other parts are IMO , the ability to use center movement to use the ground as a wall to effect unbalancing, lifting or puttting weight on someone, using the mind as a director for the resulting force (like watering with a hose ). The sensitivity to read the opponents "energy". Not thinking about what to do, but being aware and responding in a way that allows efficient movement. This includes ukemi and henka and oyo waza..

These are aspects of Aikido , which I think are a common theme in the seminars I've attended. I know I'm only scratching the surface here and there's more I am leaving off. Why do I think this shouldn't be so strange to aikido people here in the US?
Wow. Excellent comments, Alfonso. If we're ever in the same neighborhood I'd like to see what you do.


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