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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

I apologize for the incendiary response to Mike's post. It can be read that Mike was dismissing my opinion because I hail from Boulder (I am from Montana and I live in Northern Denver, but whatever). I personally have no taste for Boulder culture, but the perspective on martial arts training being used to combat the proverbial fascist within comes from Ellis Amdur's writings, not from some imaginary Boulder based imaginatism. Nevertheless, I revoke my indictment of the aforementioned post, and shall not speak of it again.
Moving on, I humbly submit that Mike's statement that the traditional Asian take on "highest level" is not philosophical will not withstand scrutiny. I offer as evidence that, to my knowledge, all of what are generally recognized as "highest level" martial arts texts are philosophical texts, not technical manuals.
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