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Mike Sigman
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
Aside from insulting my (and the forum administrator's) dojo,...
I haven't said a word about your dojo. If you're not aware of that old saw about Boulder, which I mentioned in friendly jest, just say so. I don't think Jun took it wrong and I don't think Jun's sempai, with whom I am close friends, would do anymore that just wink and go on with the discussion. I have a fondness for Boulder and have spent many years practicing in Boulder.
I still have not heard a convincing argument leading me to believe highest level training is the development of ki power rather than the development of human character. Without the morality and discipline to command one's prowess in a conscientious way, all the ki (or any other) power in the world is nothing but death magic. Many Aikidoka feel that in order to reach the highest levels of our art, one is required to be a good person. I sincerely hope that this is true, because if we choose to define the highest levels of our art in terms of the application of technique, ki, kokyu, strategy, or other combat prowess subtelty, we have certainly not learned from the story of Mr. Klickstein and similar tragedies. To paraphrase Saotome Sensei, the purpose of Aikido is to build better people in order to build a better world. In my mind, that is the only worthwhile quality of the death magic each of us secretly hopes to wield.
Er.... OK, Benjamin. At least you put out your views in public. I was commenting on the traditional Asian take on the "highest level", though, and it is not philosophical.


Mike Sigman
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