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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Can someone define what is meant by "combat" or "combat effective". I think some assumptions are being made from different perspectives.

I must say i disagree with Michael Neal's statement as follows:

Since this is an Aikido forum I will pick specifically on it using your logic. Aikido does not train much grappling especially newaza, thefore it is not combat effective. Aikido does not really teach how to strike effectively, therefore it is not combat effective. Aikido does little randori or competition, thefore it is not combat effective. Aikido does not train very often against kicks, therfore it is not combat effective. etc. etc. etc.
I disagree with it based on my definition of what is combat effective, which by that definition, all empty hand arts, simply come up lacking BIG Time. Again, it depends on what limitations you are placing on the scenario that maybe pictured in your head.

I don't study the arts for it's supposed "combat effectiveness". In a kill or be killed situation, or self defense, there are things that are simply much more effective than rolling around the ground, or twirling around. But before I can discuss them further, need to really know what is "combat effective" as we are framing it here.
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