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Re: Taigi, Ki, and Time

Mary Kuhner wrote:
Taigi are stylized--the cooperation you see in the film clips is encouraged there where it wouldn't necessarily be in regular practice.
I like idealized better. YMMV.
In addition, some throws have a "taigi version" which illustrates important principles but is not terribly practical. The kaitenage in Taigi #1 is an example. It's very hard to do this throw in a way that doesn't allow uke to get into mischief while he's behind you, but it's a great teaching throw for the principle of leading smoothly.
Ah yes. We use to often refer to "the taigi version." However, the more I train/practice the taigi ... well, lets just say I seldom refer to "the taigi version" these days.
... throw people twenty feet without encountering a wall....
No kidding! Something to be said though, about learing to throw in an over-sized shoe box.

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