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Aikido Kenkyukai International 25th Anniversary

Posted 2005-06-03 23:05:54 by Chicko, A.K.I. Fudoshin dojo Australia
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In light of recent events in and around Kamakura , Higashi Totsuka and the A.K.I. Collaborative effort, I have only praise and admiration for those individual elements who designed this wonderfully fruitful series of activities rich in diverse content. An emotional outpouring of life and positive content highlighting a contented completion for individuals.

One could be uplifted by the active presence and visible depth of a positive environment within all actions physical and metaphysical manifest within individual personalities on accepting the new insight, so evident and in focus. Liberated and elevated toward refined understanding to what in the past seemed hidden, now clearly a dream exposed in reality, colorful and expressive in form and content, released open and golden, mind or heart, full and true.
No individual can deny they were touched during this collective event and I congratulate each and every one of you with gratitude for the enriched nourishment and outpouring of life expressions bitter and sweet.

Osensei dream, all people together and influenced under the great universal. Equal and of same worth, a value in each one able in accepting the individual mind in each other, to share our experience openly and truthfully in heart. Dismissive toward negative thought when our negative mind rises. Always only positive. Positive is the only outcome. The universal knows only the one direction. So the 'Aiki way'.

A special thank you to Takeda Satoshi sensei, who spends much of his time promoting and diligently organizing behind the scenes, meeting with community and Aikido officials at all levels to highlight the many intrests and activities that are such a great portion of what many of us are connected to through the networks of Takeda Yoshinobu shihan. His manner and duty to the Aiki ethic is only to be admired. Thank you.


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