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Re: Takemusu

Jan Max Bunzel wrote:
No problem :-) I was just wondering whether you had read some article that somehow justified the connection between the two different words. It is not uncommon in japanese litteratur to find one chinese character used in a such way that either pronuonciation of the character or the character makes the reader associate it with another word with similar reading - or another meaning of that character. Therefore Osensei may deliberately have chosen musu because that same sound also associates to the word musubi - connect. And in that sense "connect" could be a secondary meaning of the word, but that interpretation probably need to be supported by some of Osensei writings.
Yes, I understand about how homophones work... it's much the same in Chinese which I did take when I was in school (back in the dark ages). But I would have to say that this piece of mis-information has been in my head for so long that I couldn't have picked it up from any of my acquaintances that are fluent in Japanese. I'm willing to bet it was one of my seniors who trained with Saotome sensei who had heard the terms from Sensei and / also read them somewhere but didn't speak the language. Peter Goldsbury Sensei is the only one I know aside from William Gleason sensei who might know if these terms were intentionally related.

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