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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Red Beetle,

I went to a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school for a while. Great people and their newaza was superb. When we did standup randori without the gi I was able to throw just about everyone I went against even though I had never trained without a gi before. So I really can not agree with you because my personal experience tells me otherwise. The only people I did not dominate were a few very large wrestlers, and even then it was a stalemate, they also had many more years wrestling experience than I had Judo experience.

It is so easy to apply judo without a gi that it would take a complete moron not to be able to do it. In order to be a good Judoka you have to train throws from as many types of grips possible. The grip I used most often in the no gi randori was a koshi garuma around the neck which is basic Olympic Judo 101.

The same goes with striking, I have sparred karate guys before and was able to toss them around like rag dolls even though they were trying to strike me.

And I am nothing special in Judo either, I am only a blue belt and I compete every once in a while at the local level.

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