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Re: Takemusu

Here's is my take on this:

Take = relates to things martial; it can mean martial techniques

Musu = the same musu as in musubi where it means roughly "connection" (to tie the knot); here it has a creative or procreative connotation

Aiki = in this contect it is the "state of aiki", the harmonious condition so to speak, it relates to the state of mind of the practitioner

Therefore, the state of aiki gives birth to or creates the techniques of the martial arts or, a bit more complexly, if the practitioner is in the state of aiki (his Mind is harmonious) the techniques of the martial sphere will spontaneously be created out of this state of harmony without conscious effort on his part. O-sensei's expression of this principle was to state that the techniques of Aikido were divine techniques that were revealed to him by the Kami, not something he made up or discovered.

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