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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Monty Collier,

You're right that many judo-ka don't do much ne waza because of the rules (although there are people who do tachi waza and ne waza in equal amounts, have you seen Kozushi on the judo forum?). People who do 'traditional' bjj don't focus enough on standing techniques.

Here's a quote from Shogun on
BJJ doesnt sprawl. we pull guard.

He's training in bjj under Pedro Sauer. He's learning 'real' bjj, not bjj + wrestling + sombo + boxing + muay thai + whatever else.

What would you rather do in a street fight, control a guy in the clinch and be able to end the fight by throwing him, or pulling guard to take the fight to the ground when you might not need to?

Also, before you start thinking that I'm a judoka who is jealous of bjj, I'm not. I've never trained in judo. I'm a submission grappler/mixed martial artist and I try to learn whatever I can, and bjj makes up a large portion of my training. BJJ is great at what it specializes in (ne waza), but it alone isn't "combat effective" IMO. Knowing how to defend yourself on the ground is good (using the guard and knowing escapes from folkstyle wrestling) but knowing how to prevent yourself from ending up there is just as important.
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