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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Well Monty I have to disagree with you here.

Firstly regarding your conclusions regarding Mr Gardner...he won a decision did he not? This goes against your own arguments about Judo and rules...he was judged the winner on points (unanimously).
Yes, everyone who saw the fight could only agree that Rulon won easily. Yoshida did not have the ground skill to handle the larger Greco-Roman wrestler. Royce Gracie handled Dan Severen, another Greco wrestler, and with no time limit and bare knuckle. One possibly could begin to make an argument about the combat effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-jitsu from such a comparison between Yoshida's fight with a Greco wrestler and Royce's fight with a Greco wrestler.

You fail to mention that he outweighed his opponent by around 60 pounds and could not finish him off. If we say that Yoshida was not overcome by an Olympic champion who was, my god, 30 kilos heavier and had trained specifically to fight him ....well people may draw different conclusions regarding how well Judo had equipped him. The same would go for any art, wouldn't it?
Again, consider Royce's fight with Dan. Royce gave up as much weight, or more so and won no questions asked. No person trained in Olympic style Judo has ever done, or could do what Royce Gracie did in UFC 1,2, and 4. Royce fought match after match, bare knuckle, no time limit, and came out on top. It took Rorion Gracie putting little Royce up against all of those big heavy fighters to wake up modern Judo. Let's not forget about how Royce easily took out Remco Pardoul, the Dutch Judo champion. So, I am arguing that Gracie Jiu-jitsu is combat ready when it comes to unarmed combat. Because, they understand what can and usually does take place in unarmed combat.

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