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Re: Taigi, Ki, and Time

Thanks, Mary Kaye. In other words, it is more of "using ki" during the Taigi than "extending ki". In which case, I understand and agree *sort of* with the idea. Of course, the judges looking for other things than just time makes me feel a lot better.

I looked briefly at some of the "old Taigi" that Ted recommended on a German website. Some of it was OK, but with a too-dramatic-too-helpful partner, some of it was pretty good... and a couple of things made me sit up and vow to watch them again as soon as I have a few free minutes. There's a problem with what I see some of the Japanese doing that I've never seen Americans do... and I'm not sure most Americans have the background to know how to generate those kinds of forces. My thought was something like... "so that's what those throws are really about; the American versions I've seen for so many years totally miss the point". In other words, there's some sort of disconnect between what I'm seeing some of the Japanese do and what I've seen *multiple* Americans do for many years; to be fair, I may have missed it at some demonstrations with people like Yamada, Kanai, etc., because the uke's were westerners and their perception of the technique made Yamada or others' appearance give the wrong impression.

Anyway, I'll look at it some more. Thanks for your clarification.


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