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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Hmm. I'm always baffled by this concept of "the highest level". I tend to take a pragmatic view, to me martial arts are largely just practical skills for solving a particular problem, yes while learning them you can gain insights into yourself and use those insights to make yourself into a better person but ultimately they're there for those occasions in life when you need to use violence, that's what makes them martial. Really the mental side should come with learning the physical or you've done something wrong. The mental is the soft back of the blade which supports the hard cutting edge of the physical in my book.
So my position is that if you learn a technique in order to throw someone and it throws them then they have been thrown and your goal has been accomplished.
In the same way that if you learn a leathal technique no matter how well you study it, once you've learned to kill you can't make your opponent any more dead than dead.
A bone broken by a imperfect technique is just as broken as one by a perfect technique.
As long as the technique can be relied upon to work when needed I consider it learned and I go on to do something else.
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