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Brian Vickery
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Originally posted by Prometheus

My question is this: how long did it take you before you felt comfortable with your body movement and footwork so that your techniques began to flow more naturally, rather than having to follow a running alogorithm in your overloaded brain? I understand, of course, that it will take years for my mind and body to develop a healthy working relationship, but there must be some point when things "start to click."


David Brookshire
Hello David!

...Well, as I remember it, it was just after passing my first kyu test (...not my Ikkyu test, but my initial test, 5th kyu) that I started to feel less clumsy, things finally started to feel 'right'! Perhaps just having that first rank under my belt gave me the confidence to walk out on the mat with a much better mind-set.

...Good luck with your training! definitely picked a fantastic dojo to join!


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