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Michael Neal
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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Mark Johnston wrote:
This isn't an MMA forum though, is it?

Judo should be grateful for MMA as it has reinvigorated a sport that was becoming more and more minor. From the wonderful mid 80s when around 12 million people worldwide were doing Judo it only took a few years to the mid 90s for that figure to drop to around 4 million.
So what if this is not a MMA forum? What exactly is your point?

"Judo is second only to soccer in terms of world wide participation". Martial Arts Professional, June 2002

I am not sure about your figures you may want to recheck them but regardless I don't see how it matters either way in the context of the discussion here. Judo does have a marketing problem and at least in the United States, Tae Kwon Do has done better in this area. But this rreally has nothing to do with the effectiveness of Judo as a martial art.

Competition fighters looking for sponsorship and the introduction of so many new rules, groundwork being removed and the hunt for television money destroyed grass roots Judo. The days when a player would stay at one club for life are long gone. The appearance on the international scene of MMA, Pride, UFC and so on has saved Judo. Judo was not capable of saving itself and was collapsing under its own weight.
Groundwork was never removed from Judo, if groundwork was removed how did I spent over 2 minutes doing matwork at the last competition? The rules state that groundwork will be stopped once their is no progress being made by either side.

I still am curious to learn how Judo was "collapsing under its own weight"

And where do many Judo people want to go once they are 'passed it' (for lack of a better phrase)? What do they do once their knees are gone, they can't straighten their arms and the injuries have caught up over 20 years?

Do they want to live on old war stories?
Am am not sure what point you are trying to make here but there plently of things a Judoka can do with Judo once their competition years are over, there is Kata, referees, coaching, teaching etc.

I went to Aikido. I discovered a gem of an art which probably would not have interested me as much when I was younger (although I went to Aikido when I was younger, it was just as a break from normal training).

Coming to Aikido with a Judo knowledge of bodyweight, angles, movement, tsukuri, kuzushi and all the training and uchikomi - it is very enjoyable.

But that's just me
I am glad you enjoy Aikido, but you can enjoy Judo into old age as well.
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