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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

You can also see why it is not, in my opinion, the correct thing for people who supposedly care about Aikido, to ... without having accomplished the ki and kokyu parts of Aikido because those items are somewhat hidden and hard to get to... begin leading people off on tangents of MMA, Systema, Wing Chun, and so on.
Aikido to me is a very interesting a illusive art. As soon as I try and pinpoint what it is and isn't....I lose it.

I study martial arts for many reasons. Martial arts is now such a part of my person that I can no longer separate it from "me". I love the internal aspects of the arts. I have found them in karate, taji, aikido...I have also found them in meditation, zen buddhism, and yoga. What makes up "me" is I evolved is an amalgamation of experiences and events. To say that aikido gave me this, karate not possible. Alot that makes up "me" came from my military experiences and is equally important to my "internal" development.

Why do I mention all this? I find that some systems tend to focus more on internal development that others, but that internal development is complex. Developing the external or low level is just as important. I think you can learn a great deal about yourself by learning MMA, BJJ, compettive arts that focus on external gains.

Sometimes you find the answers you are looking for in the darnest places.

Mike, your point is well taken though, when diverting your intentions to "other things" becomes an excuse because it is "too hard" or you are not "patient" enough to learn the internal aspects of an art (KI and Kokyu, as you define it), then you are missing the point.
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