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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

I work with a few high school and college wrestlers in my Infantry Battalion that we teach combatives to. They have to "unlearn" a few things, and "learn" a few things in order to do well in NHB fighting.

Most have the basic skill set necessary to adapt rather quickly and become very good fighters.

After working with me a few times, they learn not to shoot leading with their face. they also learn not to "bleed" their elbows (sankyo and kotegaeshi).

It really does not take them too long to adapt. Much less time than someone who has never studied a martial art at all.

I have on kid in particular that is amazing, he intuitively knows much more about timing, distance, speed, agility than I do and I have been doing this for a while!

I would not necessarily equate wrestling and sport judo to is not that far as many would like to think though, many of the skills are relevant.
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