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Mike Sigman
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Taigi, Ki, and Time

Ted Ehara wrote:
What K. Tohei did was take his top people and have them work on problems as a team. For example, when the Taigi was being created, he had his top people do the various attack/technique combinations. These people all finished a specific taigi within seconds of each other. If you had a strong pair extending ki well, the result was fairly consistent time wise, even though this was unplanned. This fact was included in the final Taigi.
Hi Ted:

Not wanting to wreck the other thread with a tangent, I thought I'd start a new one and ask you about the above comment you made. How does Ki singularly affect the time of a Taiji kata performance? I.e., can I do a Taigi without Ki and finish at the same time as someone who is using Ki? Is that possible? If that is possible, then I'm unclear why time and ki are looked at as a relationship. Thanks.

Mike Sigman
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