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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Mads Gabrielsen wrote:
I keep hearing about how great Fusen Ryu was, and how the ne waza was superior. Only trouble is, that Fusen Ryu today has very little ne waza that looks like what is practiced in judo and BJJ. I would like to know your source for saying this with such conviction.


To get started with you might check out Gene Simco's: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu "The Master Text" page 52

I want to say Steven Cunningham (who is very good on the history of Judo), but I will have to check.

As for how good Fusen Ryu is today, I don't know. Things change, sometimes for the worse. Just because a school is bad today, does not mean that it was bad in the past. But, you know this already.

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