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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Ignatius Teo wrote:
How is it different? (the power in Aikido versus the power in Taiji)
That's too complex for me to discuss in a reasonable time, Ignatius. It has to do with "six harmonies movement", the hallmark of the so-called "internal arts". These sorts of things add power to the normal ki and kokyu type skills. If you have greater power, it can, in a number of cases, affect the ways in which you apply power/techniques... and that's what changes the comparison of "receiving power" as it means in Taiji and what you're indicating.
Oh, without a doubt...but I used "karate" very loosely here. Perhaps if I used the terms "toudi" or "tode" more specifically, it may mean something . Although, I haven't seen/experienced enough of "di" too deeply, to be able to comment knowledgeably either way, as to the level of sophistication of ki/kokyu development.
What I was attempting to say was that karate does not (and I practiced karate for 8 or 9 years) have anything that approaches the manipulation and control of forces that I'm talking about in this "highest level" discussion. Yes, they have ki and kokyu, but karate is a technique-oriented art (in the manner we were discussing, not a dismissive sense) and cannot go to this level. If you will accept that assertion by me as a working thesis, you can see why Ueshiba was justifiably proud of Aikido as something that approaches "The Way" as designated in Chinese philosophy.

You can also see why it is not, in my opinion, the correct thing for people who supposedly care about Aikido, to ... without having accomplished the ki and kokyu parts of Aikido because those items are somewhat hidden and hard to get to... begin leading people off on tangents of MMA, Systema, Wing Chun, and so on.


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