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Re: Poll: Which art do you think is more physically effective - judo or aikido?

Monty Collier wrote:
Like the guy who posted the line from Mike Tyson: Everybody has a strategy until you punch them in the mouth.
Sometimes this is more true than you can know.
You can train for years, and when it is time to just freeze.
I TOTALLY agree with you on that one! I do think however that it is essential to always get first just know what you're opponent is going to do and intercept his attack before he even does it...or at least while it's in mid air, you know? (That is of course if you're the type of person who gets into "fights") However, the bottom line's not how much you know and how long you've practiced it...but how much you have actually "absorbed" and are able to apply both effectively and efficiently! So like in this story...the blue belt only know "head" knowledge of what to do, his BJJ was around his waist not in his heart and mind where as the beginner...well...his BJJ was in the right place at the right time.
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