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Re: Poll: Which art do you think is more physically effective - judo or aikido?

I have only trained in Aikido and have not been in a position to observe much Judo, so I did not vote on this one. What I would like to share is some good words which I think are relevant. I was once talking about some styles which I had been exposed to in the past with a student very much my senior in Aikido. He listened and then said "Any style of budo is effective if properly performed, I concern myself only with the study of Aikido because I can always improve my technique and there are still plenty of things I can learn."

In my path to coming to Aikido, I spent time examining as many styles as I had access to before settling on the one I have. After beginning study as an Aikidoka, I wondered questions of effectiveness once and a while also. The above statement helped me to wonder no more. If a man who has studied Aikido for nearly 40 years still has things to learn , then I do not think that I need to look around but concentrate more on my own technique.

Also another statement comes to mind which I can only paraphrase as I do not have it here in front of me, but it came from a question and answer session with a Shihan. The question was baically asked if Aikido was effective against the karate kick? The answer was, if you train for a karate kick , you train for the wrong reason. Aikido is an effective defense when done correctly but the building of character and control over mind and body are the real goal for me at least.

I understand that many Aikidoka may not feel the same as I do. I am in this training for me. To learn the technique and to challenge myself to make it as good as I can, not to use it in a practical situation. I hope to never have to and that is Aikido to me as well. Acheiving peace thru whatever path is neccessary be it calming actions , words or good technique that is so clean that we come to an agreement quickly.

Thank you for your time.

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