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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Monty Collier wrote:
I have known very good modern Judo players to get into fights and throw wild flurries of punches. When they were done fighting, I asked them, "why didn't you do any of your Judo?" The guy answered, "Because I was in a fight." I returned, "Yeah, go think about that."
This should be obvious but...

the only thing the above shows is the limitations of the individual and not the method in itself. It depends on the goal and focus of one's training. The vast majority of Judoka I know train specifically for competitive sport and nothing else, as such they may have a problem in a self defence scenario (may being the operative word as the only certainty is there are no certainties). This does not mean however that the style in itself is not ready for self defence with a very little bit of creativity or the right intent.

There is also the news story from a couple years back when a lowlife tried to jack a carload of Judoka and was pinned until the cops responded to the 911 call. There are stories that show both sides, does it really mean that the MA is ineffective when someone can't get it to work? I think not.

Combat ready, for those who have experienced true combat is another thing entirely from dojo training imo unless your partner is coming at you with a loaded assault rifle. So which dojo martial art is combat ready again?

Just a few thoughts.


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