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Re: Too many expectations?

James Jones wrote:
Have you thought about attending college?
I'm not asking if you attended college, I'm asking if you thought about it. For example, did you ask yourself, why you should go? Did you think about what you would major in, and why? Did you consider what the benefits of higher education would be?
Yep. It was a four year full time committment to professional training, cost thousands of dollars, and meant that most other parts of my life were on hold. I could have decided to change majors or to drop out, but it was an upfront decision to do this thing for this long for this goal. At the same time....
I've been happy over the decades to try everything from volunteering with raptors to hatmaking to tutoring schoolkids to fencing in order to see if the actual practice would be something I might want to pursue. For me, approaching aikido is closer to this than to my nursing degree.
There was no way to foresee 9 yrs ago that I'd stay with it despite being a slow and stupid learner, despite knee injury, surgery and rehab, and now, despite a regression that is causing me to get in my own way.

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