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Ben Eaton
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Re: Too many expectations?

I agree with Bronson. I've been doing Aikido for a short time, my 8th lesson was today, but before I began I was thinking about it a lot, would it be right for me, would it be what I expected, or better or worse?

The thing that clinched it for me was when I went to my sensei's house (the man who was going to be my sensei) and he sat me down, explained about the art, and above all, demonstrated some of the physical aspects. After all, that was what I would be doing in the classes. After that I had no doubt that I would be attending the dojo, and after the first lesson sensei asked me if I felt I wanted to continue to learn it.
The answer was a resounding "Yes", which I could only be sure of after first trying the art for myself.

Going to your college analogy, don't colleges have open days where you can go and have a look for yourself?
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