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James Jones
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Re: Too many expectations?

Anne Marie,
Thank you for your encouraging post and for being polite.

That's interesting. I don't drink so I guess I won't know. But then again, I don't do Aikido either. I just think about it a lot. But I don't think about drinking.
Maybe if I think about drinking, then in my mind alcohol will taste better since I think about Aikido a lot. Then I will think beer might taste good, so then I'll drink some beer.
Then I'll drink and drink until I lose enough of my brain cells and lose my ability to think about Aikido and then I'll actually do it. Problem solved!


"James, it is a physical art, it has to be DONE. This is not a verbalization of annoyance, it's bluntly expressing the reality of it."

You don't think I realize this? Where did I ever express a belief that Aikido was not physical?

" Discussing what one can get out of it is meaningless out of context."

So now I guess my original questions are meaningless as well as this whole thread.
Janet, I have a question for you. At first it sounds like I'm being a jerk, but keep reading, because I'm not.:

Have you thought about attending college?
I'm not asking if you attended college, I'm asking if you thought about it. For example, did you ask yourself, why you should go? Did you think about what you would major in, and why? Did you consider what the benefits of higher education would be?

I'm inclined to believe that most would think these questions are valid and are far from "meaningless". And yeah, I am aware that many people go to college just because their parents tell them that they should.

I played football in highschool. I thought about that before I did it. In retrospect, I wish I would have thought about it more because I absolutely hated it. Some things about it were good, but most of it, I just didn't like. But I did think about it. I just thought wrong. Twice(I played two seasons). Of course, aforementioned parental influence did have an effect on my decision(not wanting to disappoint...etc).

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