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Re: Too many expectations?

While I do have some respect for the "just do it" mentality for its practical approach, I like to ask questions and think about things before I make a decision.Honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. But I probably do it a little too much.
Well, James, this is why I'm saying what I'm saying. I think you are thinking about it too much. I didn't believe it until I started practicing aikido, and I think most people here who are saying "just do it" mean. They are not annoyed. They are trying to make a point. My biggest discovery about the difference between "studying it" and "practicing it" is that I didn't understand aikido as well as I did from just studying it. Yes, you can find these answers, but the best way to do it is to find a dojo you like that you feel will meet your needs the best and join. It might be intimindating to start -- it took me about 6 months to walk into a dojo -- but once you start it's not as bad as you will think. You will discover answers to your questions, then discover some more new questions find new answers, AND sometimes you will not find all the answers. Or the answers don't come right away as your too busy figuring out your left from your right foot.

And if people didn't think talking about aikido, asking questions about aikido isn't worthwhile they wouldn't be posting on these bulletin boards. Whether we admit or not, we all like to talk about aikido.

Most people are not going to give you the answers, because they know you will have to find them for yourself and that is where the training and self-discovery comes in. It wouldn't be self-discovery if you didn't find it our for youself.

So please don't take people's comments as discouraging you from training but rather as encouraging you to join our little aikido club. You can keep asking questions, but realize until you step in the dojo there will be people who will just tell you to "just train". I know before I started aikido, I didn't believe that either, but now I do. I over-think things, over-analyze things, too. But taking that big step and walking into a dojo for the first time has paid off and is well worth it.

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