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James Jones
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Re: Too many expectations?

While I do have some respect for the "just do it" mentality for its practical approach, I like to ask questions and think about things before I make a decision.Honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. But I probably do it a little too much.

I do sense a little annoyance that I came on here and asked some questions that some of you may not consider really worth asking. I don't know, to me they seemed valid enough. "Just do it" definitely has its place, and I can imagine it does in Aikido. I just thought Aikido and Aikidoka had more of a balance to that also.

I might expect more of a "shut up and go practice" sentiment, if I would post something like this on say, a Brazilian Ju Jitsu,boxing,or wrestling board. Which is certainly understandable and I would deserve it, as those disciplines-while I regard them quite highly-don't really have a marked philosophical element to them. Hell, it is for that element that I sought out Aikido. No offense, but if I was only looking to be a better fighter, I would look into a different martial art. Some of you are starting to make me feel like I made a Ki post on Bullshido or something.

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