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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

What are your goals when you train with such a new person?

To make the technique work when they try to resist?

To work together to understand the technique better?

To learn together or just get your own learning out of the training and leave them to get theirs?

You mention a strong lead? What is a strong lead? Power? What kind of power?

Your post seems to reject soft as not strong, yet the strongest leads I have ever experienced have been soft.. so soft, that yes, I could not feel them until I relaxed enough to feel what was happening to my body. My problem, that fortunately my partners have been generous enough to explain and instruct and share.

But I had to be open to learning first.

I'd ask my partner, what is your goal in this training? To stop me? To make it more difficult to learn, or easier? If they persisted in trying to educate me in a path I KNEW to be wrong (and I could only know with the authority of having explored it for many years), then I might choose simply to throw them, yes softly, yes effectively, and wait for them to be ready to listen and learn.

If they're open to learning at that moment, they probably wouldn't be correcting me when they should be paying attention to what does and does not work in the technique.

So yes, if I were training with them, and they were insistant on not following the practice, I'd probably just be throwing (softly as I could manage) and concentrating on what *I* could get out of it.


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