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Re: Kids' Classes - Challenging AND Fun?

Jon Reading wrote:
Tough call. I am going to start with some basic comments:

I personally don't feel that children, especially young children, are ready to learn what we call "aikido." I usually recommend that young children (under 12 or so) first start in a more physical art; karate or judo for example.
I don't see how karate and judo, which are also excellent arts to study, are more physical than aikido.

Our experience in our dojo is that children from about 6 and up do fine in aikido practice. We tried a program for 4-6 year olds, but it was too challenging.

We currently have numerous students in our teen program who are testing for adult ranks (and doing better than the adults at those ranks) who have been training for 7-8 years.

Oh, and don't forget that children have the attention span of a a puppy...

What was I talking about?


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