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Freaky! Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

So last nights training I'm working with a new student. Technique is Shomenuchi Shihonage and I'm nage. I do the technique slowly as this student has zilch ukemi ability and I don't want to hurt him. I enter shihonage and begin to cut down uke begins to twist out of shihonage. We've all experienced this with beginners. With experienced Aikidoka I can just continue with a smooth cut down and a pin if I choose. But this is beginner stop and go aikido, so I tighten up the grip with a little elbow atemi to the back to prevent the twist. I gently suggest that twisting away from shihonage is a good way to get hurt, much safer to turn a little towards nage, easier on shoulder, better ukemi with more ukemi options.

I complete the technique and we begin on the other side. Same procedure, he twists, I restate and gently take him to the mat. By the third try he has decided its not his ukemi that needs work, but rather that my technique is all wrong and procedes to lecture me on how I should enter and block the attack, then move into shihonage. He assures me this will work much better. He is wearing a TKD gi, so I see were he gets his idea that this is some kind of block. I explain that in aikido the focus is on moving and blending, not standing still and blocking. He disagrees. At this point I'm looking for the instuctor and of course she is on the other side of the mat.

In the end I just shrugged it off and continued the workout with the beginner constantly trying to verbally correct my obvious misunderstanding of this technique. I basically ignored him but it took a lot of mental effort not to just crank down on the throw. Granted I've studied aikido off and on since 1988, and I still consider myself very much a beginner. And yes, I do believe you can learn from beginners but here is the real kicker. This guy had been practicing Aikido for a total of TWO WEEKS!!!

Okay, just had to get that off my chest. Not looking for any feedback but I need a good two hour session of Zazen and maybe a beer or two....
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