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Re: Poll: Is the spiritual component of aikido inherent in the physical techniques?

Hi yourself Don!

Seeing how we respond I have to credit Jun for wording his questions so cleverly!

Despite my misspelling of OSensei's Chindon, Chinkon? in my earlier post, i would clarify my answer by saying I interpreted 'inherent' to mean 'included in'. Not sure everyone thinks about the word 'spiritual' the same way I do.

If you will indulge my rambling further - a judo master explained the concept of "Ippon", (perfect score in a judo match) to me as follows. Ippon, means 'Victory', or 'point', a metaphor for 'kill', he said. A friend of the judo master was asked by his mom to kill a snake. The friend asked for the master's help, and since they had been discussing judo the master used the snake as a lesson. Master said that he knew his friend had probably killed other snakes by clubbing them to death with two or three people - and the snake would sometimes get away and be chased through the bushes until finally it was beaten to death. The friend replied that yes, this was true and it was always a great fight! The master told his friend he would demonstrate 'ippon'. He took a long board, judged distance to the snake, taking his time. He let go of the board, and as it fell toward the snake he stepped on it, accelerating its movement and pushing through at the end. The snake was flattened. The friend looked disappointed, a little crestfallen that the victory was overwhelming and kind of devoid of any fun or gloating. Ippon.

Train how you want. I respect each of you.

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