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Re: Too many expectations?

My last post conveys more grumpiness than information. Allow me to clarify:
My intent was to convey that you cannot expect Aikido training to benefit you in most of the ways you would expect, and that its real benefits are both subtle and hard won. A constant and concrete benefit of Aikido is membership in an organization of discipline and conscience. This benefit is not to be taken lightly, because such organizations are an extreme rarity. While it is possible that if you train in Aikido, some or all of the areas you indicated above will see improvement, it is more likely that if you target each area on your list and challenging yourself daily to improve, you will see much more success because of your less oblique approach. Aikido WILL eventually allow you to exchange hardship for benefit at a one to one (or worse) ratio, but you cannot hope to know what those benefits will be. Such benefits seem to bubble to the surface in the form of small to medium sized epiphany.
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