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James Jones
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Too many expectations?

Hi. I have not started to train in Aikido yet. This has been due to financial reasons, but my situation is improving as I have found a better job so I hope to begin in the near future.(the new job I mentioned in my introductory post did not pan out, unfortunately, but I was lucky to find something else).
What this post is about though, is whether or not the enthusiasm I've had about Aikido, is founded. I have had all of this excitement about training and all of the positive things I have hoped to come with it. But that excitement is starting to wane as I begin to doubt whether or not it was justified. Basically, I have all of these expectations about Aikido and how it will help me that I am starting to question. I have been aware basically from the time I was first interested in Aikido, of the strengths and weaknesses of its techniques. So that is not what I am talking about. It is my personal development expectations of Aikido, that I am starting to somewhat doubt are realistic. Here are some examples in no particular order:

-I would like to learn how to be tougher, both physically, but mainly mentally.For instance, I have a hard time tolerating boredom. So I guess that means...
- I want more patience too.
-I would like to be better able to concentrate and focus
-I would like to learn how to better cope with anxiety/stress.
-I want to learn strategies for not letting things people say/do bother me as much.
-While I certainly do not want to learn how to manipulate people, I would like to learn effective ways of negotiating and communicating with others that bring about mutually good results.
-I would like to learn strategies for not letting bad things life throws my way, bother me as much.
-I would like to learn how to better find the path of least resistance. I know that sounds strange. But I mean it in the sense of finding the harmonious way, not necessarily the "lazy" one.

That's probably not a complete list. But are the things I have listed unrealistic? I know much of what I get from training depends on me, the individual.Are these appropriate things to expect from a martial art? I know Aikido is different though, so I'm not sure. I would just like some input on this.


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