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Keith R Lee
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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Monty Collier wrote:

He said,
"Jiu-jitsu, Judo, and Aikido are like three sisters."

"Jiu-jitsu is the Oldest sister. She has a bad temper and likes to fight. She is only interested in winning fights. She has fought many times and knows what is effective from countless experiences. Since she will fight anyone, she must have excellent technique to secure victory. You know what to expect when she comes for you, but still, it is not easy to stop her. And, if you had to be in a fight, you would want her standing next to you, and on your side."

"Judo is like Jiu-jitsu's younger sister. She is more interested in competing in events and not actual combat. She is more interested in the glory of competition, and not always survival. But she can and will fight if pushed. Years of training and competition has made her tough. And remember, she grew up with big sis who taught her a few tricks."

"Aikido is the youngest sister. She is not interested in war or competition, but she is familiar with its background. She seeks a peaceful solution always. She is also the most beautiful of her sisters. She is very graceful to watch. You always feel good just being in her presence. But, she is not incapable of defense. She can manage quite well on her terms, and she is very tricky. Even still, one should be aware that even if she fails, she still has two older sisters who jealously guard and watch over her. Because they are all sisters, then you can bet that they are not far from her."
That is a great, great story/analogy.

Sounds about right to me too.

Don't worry if some of the folks here get a little defensive about things. It's always good to have other grapplers on the the board.

Keith Lee
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