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Re: Aiki Expo 2005 Reviews?

Rob Liberti wrote:
I was unable to attend due to a family emergency. (Grandmother had an "unsurvivial" heart attack last Tuesday night - she is actually still alive, not in pain, and resting. Not too much time left.)
Sorry to hear it. My condolences.

....Shaun Ravens. I heard interesting things about one of your teacher's exploratory ikkyo class - something about trying to do it without any momentum. I like that idea very much. I would have loved to have felt that. (As an aside - I'm not sure how I feel about teaching what you are working on at seminars in general, but I think it is fair for an Expo - where the point it to get to know where people are at.).)
The session I attended with Matsuoka was enjoyable and I greatly appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to try something new and appear as less than the "perfect master" we see with so many folks so carefully choosing UKE (I really distrust demonstrators who don't flub once in a while; I've seen teachers intimidating UKE into submission). But I don't think he's where he needs to be to demonstrate what he was working on. I felt his technique and it isn't compelling yet. I think I saw Bruce Bookman doing what Matsuoka was trying (and no doubt WILL accomplish sometime) and I know from the UKEMI that Ushiro, Threadgill, and Ikeda do it, too.

I also heard wonderful things about what George Ledyard sensei had to say during some of his classes. I've decided that I need to basically read everything he has ever written about aikido.
Safe bet, that. I'd also take in Chris Li, Peter Goldsbury, Ellis Amdur, and Fred Little (and no doubt some others whose names will come to me immediately after the edit function disables.)

The only thing I heard about my teacher (Gleason sensei) from one of my friends was that they thought he had really good timing in choosing ukes during his demonstration, and that he attended Chritian Tessier sensei's class.
Check over at for more. I posted some glowing comments; someone else had some pretty vigorous criticisms.

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