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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Howdy, folks. A long time lurker here on these forums, with hardly a post to my name. Just thought I'd try my hand at chiming in.

Craig Hocker wrote:
Ki tests are about testing a person's state of mind at that moment.
then Mike Sigman wrote:
Really? You test a "state of mind"? How do you do that? Do you do it in a way that involves physical testing of some sort?
I'm guessing you already know the answer Mike Yes. The famous "ki test," for lack of a better description, is on the surface a physical one. And as I think you already know (since I've heard you explain in your own words in other threads) the test is not given with strength, but with a relaxed body. Only the weight of the person's arm giving the test (more or less), is needed for optimal biofeedback (at least as I understand it). As it was explained to me, we cannot directly "touch" the mind. We are, however, able to test the body and attempt to become a mirror of the mind with which we are testing. So if the person receiving the test's mind is calm, then the push, or ki test, will have no effect. If the person has any desire to push back or to become passive, then the person will be moved or become tense.

Of course, as has been mentioned, for a standing test ... to help calm the mind, one can focus on the one point in the lower abdomen. If one is sitting cross legged, then one would perhaps focus on the one point existing on one of the ankles or below it. From this position, a ki test could then be applied while the person leans back, while focusing on the one point moving out further in front.

I think I'll stop there. Writing is not my strong point, and I'm not even sure if what I've mentioned is even approaching answering the question asked. Or maybe I've just repeated what's already been said. In any case, I'll wait for Craig and/or Ted's replies.

(Darn! I hit the "Submit Reply" button!)
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