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Re: Extending Ki.

If I had a nickel for every story I heard about "ki" power. Persionally, I think there is value to a ki story like there is value to a fairy tale. Somewhere there is a kernel of truth that is beneficial. I do not believe that energy can be projected from afar, nor can it be focused into physical form. I do believe that ki is an extension of our sensory perceptions, and some individuals have learned to develop those sensory perceptions that they could anticpate movement, or induce a reaction without moving, or sense blood flow or tissue inflamation to reduce swelling on a bruise.

I have already heard it several times, but just to recap: the concept of energy forces is thousands of years old, and not limited to the islands of Japan. Every day we (Americans) use phrases like: "staggeringly beautiful," or "breathtaking," or "gut-wretching," to describe the way our body feels when we are exposed to a stimulus. Your body is super computer that gathers incalcuable data every day; scents, images, touch, heat, cold, pain, joy, anxiety. All of this data is processed by your body to adapt to its conditions. Why do you get a "chill" during a scary movie? How can a first kiss make you giddy?

I think there is more to ki than than just energy. I think ki tells us where to go, what to do, and how to act. To qualify that concept would be difficult in the least.
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