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I have been practicing Aikido for 3 years and belong to the Ki federation of great Britain. As I was 42 when I started I found it very hard at first to understand what Ki was, however now I feel I have a small understanding. I have been to many seminars with 8th and 9th Dans and have seen and experienced first hand the "feeling" (for that is what it is) that ki produces. It can vary from person to person but what each individual must do is learn to trust their own inner feelings. The best way to explain ki is the same feeling you get when you are in a crowded room, the hair on your arms and back of your neck starts to stand on end and you instinctively feel that someone is looking at you, you turn around and sure enough there is someone staring at you. This feeling needs to be cultivated so you can recognize when someone has bad intentions towards you, allowing you that split second to react ahead of your "aggressor".
I have done many exercises where I have my back to a partner who then points (extending Ki) at a part of your back and you have to recognize which part. In the early days the mainly fails, but as your awareness develops this becomes more accurate. This useful to both as it teaches extending ki and recognizing ki.
If you then use the same principles whilst performing your moves, the moves will become more powerful and less of a wrestling match.

This is only my point of view, but I have seen ki in action and the fact that a small person can immobilize a large person using ki but cannot, using physical strength is enough to make me a believer.

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