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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

I didn't think I was being cryptic. I thought I was being honest.

Central to the concepts of center/centre, dan tien or hara is that it is a person's center of gravity. A beginner is also taught the same idea about one point. However one's center of gravity is on only in the area of the lower abdomen, if they are standing upright. If you change the shape of the body, the center of gravity moves.

This center of gravity is the point that the body will move around. If you change the shape of the body, like leaning forward to tie one's shoe laces, then the center of gravity shifts. This is how parachutists maneuver in free fall. They change the shape of their body, so they can get different rotations or go in a desired direction.

The center of gravity for a given object can be outside of that object. Using the shoe tying example, your center of gravity moves outside your body as you lean forward. This is high school physics.

Traditional eastern concepts about chakra, center, hara or dan tien have been as static points of power. However Koichi Tohei is not a traditionalist. The way he presents his concept of one point is psychological. It is a place you can focus your mind. However you can focus your mind anywhere inside or outside your body.

This is the source of much confusion. For a traditionalist who understands the concepts of chakra, center, hara or dan tien, K . Tohei's idea of one point seems similar to traditional teachings, but it is not. That is why Mike is talking about points of power, while Craig is talking about awareness.

Clear as mud?

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