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Re: Poll: Is the spiritual component of aikido inherent in the physical techniques?

i am a virtual newbie to say the least. i have not even taken an aikido class yet, but along my spiritual journey, i have been led to consider aikido. that gives away my answer. i have been studying some taoist philosophy for some time, when i ran into a cousin of mind. he explained to me about how aikido emphasizes similar thoughts ,mainly a philosophy of peace , and harmony with nature.
i am currently reading the Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba, and while i have not read far, i appreciate the beauty, and the desire for a better world in it. i too see a difference in religious vs spiritual thought. i think we all follow a path , and that we should not impose our religion, or perhaps even our spirituality on others.
i am a Christian man, but see much truth, and beauty in what i have read . it is spiritual to me.
Again i have not experienced Aikido at all personally , just what i have read. i hope to change that soon. So forgive me if i am just rambling on something i know so little about. i would like to think that Aikido is a great martial art ,with application in this world, but it is grounded in some form of spirituality.
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