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Mike Sigman
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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Craig Hocker wrote:
My Question as I wrote:
So would you mind clarifying, since you're a scientist, what you mean when you say you put a point at the top of your head, on the floor, etc.?
to say "no point is free floating" indicates such a deep misunderstanding that I wonder if I will be able to clarify anything for you given this conviction.
Regardless of my unfortunate "deep misunderstanding", Craig, let me note the saying at the top of the webpage: "AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information." You made an assertion about placing the "one point" where you want it and I've asked you politely to clarify. Just for the moment, assume that you're not so far above me intellectually and skill-wise that my "deep misunderstanding" prohibits me from comprehending a good explanation, please.
To a scientist the term "awareness" itself is a ill-defined word and a major area of research so I haven't really done much other than move the confusion to a different term but for some it may convey a different sense of what one point is and get them thinking in the right direction.
There are actually a few other bona fide scientists on this forum, Craig, and they represent different fields of study. So for you to indicate that all "scientists" define a term in a certain way seems a bit out of place and still doesn't answer the direct question that I asked.
Ki tests are about testing a person's state of mind at that moment.
Really? You test a "state of mind"? How do you do that? Do you do it in a way that involves physical testing of some sort?
now my time to be cryptic
The one point is center of the universe. There are an inifinte number of one points.
You may need to clarify. According to the logic of the explanations you have written, a practitioner can now place the literal center of the universe where he wants it. I dispute that and ask you to support your assertion.
Practice rather than words leads to understanding.
I also dispute that assertion. Would you say that incorrect practice leads to understanding? Or do you mean correct practice? Have you attended seminars in which explanations were given? Would you amend your statement to say that understanding is the result not only of practice but of correct teaching and explanations? Practice and accomplishment do not exist in a vacuum, IMO.

Mike Sigman
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