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Re: Extending Ki.

I just want to share what I think about Ki.
Ki does exists, but it's not this "energy", or mystical power, one can generate and direct at will, jedi style. If that were the case, just learning this would make you invincible and no martial art techniques would be necessary.
I guess, we all have seen this masters who knock people out by extending energy, but they always train some kind of martial art, why?, if they can knock out people with ki, that would be the ultimate martial art.
Or other people that put spears in their throats and don't get hurt.
They say they can extend their ki, chi, etc, or place it anywhere in their bodies like a shield... but have u ever seen them putting a spear in their eye and push? of course not, because they would wind up with the spear stuck in their brains.
then, what is ki, well what I thinks is that it is not this magical energy, I think ki is an state of mind/body/spirit readiness that comes when one is tuned with a particular situation, from a defense situation to playing baseball, cooking, etc....
what I mean is that when you have all your senses focused in an specific situation, your mind focused, and your spirit focused, the result is an state of readiness that allows you to react more efficiently to that situation.
well, now I think I have to explain what I understand for body, mind and spirit.
body is easy to understand, body is all the physical part that make us 9i.e. head, arms, eyes, hart, brain, etc). With our body we use are sense to get information from the world around us, for example, if a huge guy throws a punch at you, you use your eyes to see it. as simple as that.
mind for me is the analytical capacity of the brain, and the response it brings to a stimulus. in the same example, if somebody punches you, the brain will Analise the direction, speed, etc, and suggest a reaction or response.
Spirit, is maybe a little tricky, by spirit I don' mean this energy that lives when we die, and goes to heaven, sorry I'm an atheist, I don't believe those thing,...for me spirit is the way one person faces a situation, in the same example this huge guy punches you, you use your eyes to see the blow coming (body), Analise the situation/danger/response (mind), now you can get scared, close your eyes and ask for mercy (bad spirit) or get scared but confront the situation and defend yourself even though he could hurt you (good spirit)
well that's just my opinion

Bratzo A. Barrena
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