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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Mike Sigman wrote:
So would you mind clarifying, since you're a scientist, what you mean when you say you put a point at the top of your head, on the floor, etc.? Also, I take your comment that it is a "focal point of awareness", but "awareness" doesn't effect any forces, such as are demonstrated in ki-tests, etc.

to say "no point is free floating" indicates such a deep misunderstanding that I wonder if I will be able to clarify anything for you given this conviction. To a scientist the term "awareness" itself is a ill-defined word and a major area of research so I haven't really done much other than move the confusion to a different term but for some it may convey a different sense of what one point is and get them thinking in the right direction. Ki tests are about testing a person's state of mind at that moment.

now my time to be cryptic
The one point is center of the universe. There are an inifinte number of one points.

Practice rather than words leads to understanding.

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