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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Ted Ehara wrote:
One point is a term used by Koichi Tohei. Others might describe it as your center/centre, dan tien or hara. Of course they would be wrong.
Ted is being a bit cryptic.

They would be wrong because you can place your one point at your body center, at the top of your head, on the floor, center of gravity (which can be outside your body), across the room, etc. It's a beginner's misunderstanding to equate it with center, dan tien or hara easily made because putting your one point in your lower abdomen is good starting point for learning basic movements and breathing exercises. It most definitely is not a particular chakra/point on the body. It might be better understood as a focal point of awareness which guides your movement or response but that description doesn't quite cover all the bases.

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