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Re: A Word of Concern to all Aikidoka...

Fredrik Hall wrote:
I must confess I'm a bit in the dark bout his current medical condition and his medical history. Is it true he has suffered a series of strokes during the years, and that he has been in a wheelchair since the late 1980's?
I can't tell you exactly when he was or was not in a wheelchair. Yes he has suffered some strokes, he has bounced back from them and his mind is clear from what I understand. How far his recuperation from the last stroke has progressed I cannot say. My Dad for example started out with the right half of his body paralyzed and unable to swallow (no gag reflex) and progressed over 6 months to walking and eating solid food. His mind and humor never left him. Impossible to know without being there exactly where Tohei is at physically without talking to his doctors and seeing the medical reports. My experience with my Dad taught that the doctors really don't know how far a recovery can go.

The picture on this page is from May,1999 shows him standing with a cane (front row, 2nd from left)

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